Class 6 Buswise Presentation – 4 February 2020

Many of our Class 6 children will be travelling by bus later this year as they move on to secondary school. With this in mind, we had a visit from East Riding of Yorkshire Council to talk to us about Buswise. Buswise provides a safe and pleasant journey to pupils who use the home to school transport. It’s a partnership between the council, schools, parents, pupils and local bus companies. This partnership works together to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant journey using school and public transport. We discovered that in using transport to school, there were a few rules to follow:-


  • sit down immediately and remain in your seat for the whole of the journey
  • use socially acceptable language and behaviour
  • respect others’ property
  • listen to and follow the instructions of the driver and the teachers on duty
  • show your bus pass to the driver on boarding
  • buy a ticket if you are not using a bus pass
  • have your bus pass or ticket available for inspection when required.


  • throw objects inside or out of the bus
  • eat or drink on the bus
  • distract the driver
  • smoke on the bus, this includes e-cigarettes/vaping
  • harass, bully or abuse other passengers, the driver or members of the public
  • damage or interfere with the vehicle
  • engage in any behaviour that could put you or others at risk.