P.T.F.A. Donation – 13 February 2020

P.T.F.A. Donation – 13 February 2020

The newly formed Parent, Teacher & Friends Association (P.T.F.A.) are delighted to be donating a defibrillator to the school, ensuring life saving equipment is on hand when it is needed.

The P.T.F.A. was only formed in November 2019 and following a hugely successful festive fundraising drive, which included stalls, refreshments at the school Christmas production and fundraising with Santa and together with sponsorship and donations raised over £1,500.

Following consultation with the school, the decision to purchase a defibrillator was voted for as an essential piece of lifesaving equipment to have available. The school had identified that the time needed to reach the only other defibrillator in the village (located at Hook Memorial Hall) was insufficient to save lives at the school.

Mrs Ainley said, “We are delighted that the P.T.F.A. has been able to fundraise and donate such a life saving piece of equipment in such a short space of time and are incredibly grateful to all volunteers and everyone who donated to make this possible. No-one likes to think of the worst-case scenario, and now we don’t have to.”

Mrs Harte, Chair of the P.T.F.A. said, “the whole community has really come together to make this donation possible and I am looking forward to raising more funds and ticking off some much needed equipment for school.”