Government Announcement – 18 March 2020

Dear Parents,

I am sure by now you will all be aware of the Prime Minister’s order to close all schools at the end of the day on Friday to all except children with EHCPs, children with a social worker and children of essential workers.

Although we anticipated school closures were on the way, the announcement has left us all little time to prepare for the impact for our families. We all need a little time to plan for the weeks ahead.

We are awaiting more specific information from the DFE, especially regarding the catergories of essential workers.

We will be getting in touch with you all tomorrow once we have this information to ask which families this will apply to and whether or not you will require the school to care for your child during the school closure period under the catergories specified.

Tomorrow, all children will come home with a pack of work to complete over the school closure period and our very talented admin team are preparing a new section of the website dedicated to Home Learning. The staff have worked hard to prepare work that complements the topics the children have covered/will cover next term, whilst addressing the essential skills the children need to practise everyday.

You will have also received a letter from the trust asking for information regarding the supply of free school meals during the closure period. This information is important as we will need to put in urgent orders of food to meet this need, as will all schools. We understand that the government are looking at a voucher system in the long term.

Can I also take this opportuntiy to thank you all for your incredible support through this very unsettling time. The positve messages we have received have kept the staff lifted and motivated to support our families in the best way they can.

We will be in touch again tomorrow.

Thinking of you all and hoping you all stay well.

Kindest Regards

Caroline Ainley

Head of School