Coronavirus Update 19 March 2020

Dear Parents,

Unfortunately, it has just been confirmed that we will not be receiving specific guidance on which children we will be open to until Friday now.

This makes planning for families and schools very difficult as we now have one day to try and formalise arrangements.

What we do know:

  • We will open for EHCP children and I have started to contact their families.
  • Key Workers does include all staff who work for the NHS, police, education staff

What we are unsure of:

  • Whether both care givers have to be key workers
  • Which other professions will be included on the key workers list.

There has been much speculation regarding the points above, we will wait for clarification of this tomorrow.

If you know that you are definitely a key worker, and will need to use the school to care for your child as you work, then we invite you to fill in the form using the link below.

We will be in touch once we have further information.

Kindest Regards

Caroline Ainley
Head of School