Welcome to this week’s Celebration Newsletter!

We will kick off this week’s Celebration Newsletter as we have the last two newsletters – with birthdays! Even though we can’t see each other, we know you will have had the best of times on your special days. There have been quite a few this week!

We would like to say a big Happy Birthday to the following!

Blake R who turned 10 on 5th April

Lola-Grace J who turned 8 on 6th April

Max L who also turned 8 on 6th April

Edwin F who turned 9 on 7th April

Lola B who turns 11 today, 10th April

Good Work

You have all been super busy this week, and we absolutely love seeing all your work. As we approach Easter, your teacher may not be on Padlet as they take a short break (although they definitely can’t resist a peek every now and then to see what’s happening!) but please keep on posting, as someone from school will still log on to authorise posts and check everything is running smoothly, ready for your teacher to return!

Once again, it has been so difficult selecting highlights, we really want to mention you all!! There has been some really wonderful ideas and activities and it’s great that you share ideas too! You really do make our day. Special mentions this week:-

Class R Ella F wrote an incredible story about the Tiger Who Came to Tea & Charlie C made a super Easter bonnet complete with chicks nesting at the top!

Class 1 Jude W made the most impressive junk model haunted house with a spooky slime slide & Isla A wrote and illustrated a wonderful story about a bear who visited school!

Class 2 Jayden P’s colourful chalk rainbows and drawings brightened up his street and Lila F worked out to Joe Wicks while dressed as a dragon!

Class 3Kristian H worked really hard studying the earth and oceans and  Laney G created a fabulous papier mache unicorn egg!

Class 4 Daisy C created a superb and interesting presentation on the Mariana Trench, Jack P was busy making wonderful chalk street artwork and Archie W programmed a robot!

Class 5 Alice B wrote and illustrated a beautiful poem “Summers Surprises” and Jake B worked away in the garden!

Class 6 Tobi E  made some very delicious looking Cornish pasties, Leo P designed his own coat of arms and Emily J drew a fantastic Mona Lisa-style self portrait!

St. Mary’s Church

If you haven’t had a look yet, please hop over to Rev Ball’s St James Church Live Feed.  He is posting regularly and is a wonderful way to maintain worship while we cannot attend church. The latest edition, which is an online Maundy Thursday service, can be seen below!

Legs Leetham Is Back!

Hey Cats and Kittens! Due to popular demand, Mrs “Legs” Leetham is back with another workout! Don’t forget that Legs Leetham is an expert, advanced aerobics instructor though, so don’t try to compete.

Message from Mrs Ainley

I know that many of you may be losing track of the days, (I know I am) but this week would usually have been the first week of the Easter holidays. Normally by this time we would have watched one of our classes lead an incredible assembly on some part of the Easter Story, received our Palm Crosses from Mr Barclay, sang Roll the Stone and left our classes with armfulls of Easter crafts eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny. 

I know that so many of you are still doing lots of lovely things and we enjoying seeing your achievements on Padlet so keep uploading. I hope you have some suncream in your cupboards. It is especially nice to be back outside now the sun is shining.  What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter.

All of those years ago, Jesus made the biggest sacrifice of all and gave his life to save the people on earth. How fitting that this Easter we are now sacrificing our freedom (all be it temporarily) to help save the lives of others. What an incredible thing to do!

We hope you all have a great Easter and I leave you a video that I have seen recently that made me feel positive about this unusual time. Get creative, we are making history.

Kindest Regards

Mrs Ainley







Next Newsletter

We are hoping to publish the next newsletter on Friday 17th April. If you would like to contribute, please email us and we will pass it on to Mrs Ainley! Have a lovely Easter.