Welcome to this week’s Celebration Newsletter!

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to the following children who celebrated this week. We hope you enjoyed your special day.

We would like to say a big Happy Birthday to the following!

Levi-Jaye P who had his 6th birthday on 18th April

Kira B who had her 11th birthday also on 18th April

Willow D who turned 10 on the 20th April

Good Work

It’s the first week “back” after what would have been the Easter holidays, and you have been so busy!

Here are some of our highlights:-

Class R Zane H  practised his handwriting beautifully and completed some reading online, and Darcey K created a wonderful flower exploring textures.

Class 1 Lena D got busy in the garden planting some apple seeds and Layla-Jai T updated us with all the amazing things she’s been doing, including riding her bike and making a fairy garden!

Class 2 Finn L impressed us all by learning some fantastic First Aid skills and Ava W baked the most delicious-looking cake!

Class 3Callum H has really wowed us with his reading through Bug Club and handwriting practise, and Ashton F created some beautiful water dance artwork – his colours were gorgeous and his dance pose made us smile!

Class 4 Archie W’s amazing rainbow challenge where he exercised every day of the week in a different coloured outfit and Louise T’s absolutely perfect rainbow mosaic!

Class 5 Thomas W and Isabel B both did some wonderful boat building!

Class 6 Freddie F worked hard on some woodworking, making a very useful wooden frame to stop animals digging up his dad’s vegetables and Grace F has done some amazing reading work on Bug Club!


Thank you to everyone (mums and dads too!) for continuing to use Padlet. We will be setting up new boards for the summer term soon. The passwords will remain the same!

St. Mary’s Church

Rev Ball’s St James Church Live Feed has a new upload of Thursday’s Breakfast Church, which you can see below.

Legs Leetham!

Message from Mrs Ainley

Welcome to the Summer Term! 

We really hope to see you all at some point this term. There are some events that normally happen in the summer that we are upset to miss although I am sure that nobody will be disappointed they are missing the SATs or Phonics and Multiplication Checks. 

Mr Stoker is looking forward to you all coming back as he misses you all collecting up the grass cuttings for him to make your nests. Although, I won’t miss the arguments about who has pinched whose grass! 

For every situation, there are good and bad points. You may be wondering about the good and bad points for the situation we find ourselves in now. I know some of you may be struggling to find the positives for home learning. I have found plenty but my favourite point is, you can do your Maths in your pajamas! You can pick and choose which subjects you do based on how you are feeling that day. Your lessons are shorter, you have permission to do your work on the computer and your new teacher does not have 29 other children to help! However, I know that even with all of these positives, you may be struggling to find the motivation to get started. Please don’t get grumpy with your family when they ask you to do your work. They only want you to keep your skills.

Your teachers are busy creating some new challenges for you so keep your eyes on the website next week. 

Good luck with whatever challenges you face next week and remember to look for the positives.

Kindest regards,

Mrs Ainley