Welcome to this week’s Celebration Newsletter!

There have been a number of birthdays this week! We would like to wish a very happy birthday to the following children who celebrated this week. We hope you enjoyed your special day.

We would like to say a big Happy Birthday to the following!

Noah B who turned 9 on 25th April

Joshua E who also turned 9 on 26th April

Daisy M who turned 5 on 27th April

Alfie H who also turned 5 on 28th April

Tobi E who had his 11th birthday on 29th April

Emily J who also had her 11th birthday on 30th April

Good Work

There’s been some really super posts on Padlet this week! Thank you so much for your contributions!

Here are some of our highlights:-

Class R Ella F has done some amazing work with creating a fairy garden, and also growing and life cycle of plants work. Taylor B has sent us some lovely videos to say hello to the class and has made her own pizza and Yorkshire puddings!

Class 1 – Miss Ablett has been amazed with the posts to the summer term Padlet board and wants to say thank you to everyone for doing such a great job with the summer term activities!!

Class 2Jenson H for learning how to tell the time and Iris W for beautiful handwriting practise!

Class 3 Lola-Grace J has created an AMAZING, huge jellyfish! And Charlie W has done some really super maths and artwork. Mrs Bainton would like to say a special thank you to all the children who have posted photos this week, there has been a few more than usual and she’s been delighted to see them!

Class 4 Archie W has made some amazing Roman sourdough bread and Jack P has made an incredible fact file on the Fangtooth fish!

Class 5Jake B has done some wonderful tree drawings and fantastic explanation of photosynthesis, and Alice B has done some beautiful work on the life cycle of a butterfly.

Class 6 Kira B has done a beautifully illustrated Waterworld word search and Keira W has really done an amazing job of starting this term’s activities and baking some delicious looking bread!

Legs Leetham!

Message from Mrs Ainley

So the end of the sixth week of Lockdown has arrived. 

Six weeks is the length of time we have off school in the summer. This was also the week the Year 5 children should have been going on their residential. It is also the week the sun has decided to have a holiday and we might be feeling a little colder. It might also be the week you are feeling a bit fed up of not being able to go out!

Let this week be the week you remind yourself of all of the things you love to do. I have seen a lovely idea where people write these things down and any they are not able to do, they put it in a jar for when Lockdown is over but you will also have a list of things you can do now and things you have only started to do because we cannot go out. I have started a cross stitch; something I haven’t done since I was at school (all of those years ago!). Keep this list somewhere and call it ‘Things I enjoy to do’. You can add to it as you discover new things. Maybe you can have a look at the things your brothers and sisters enjoy and try something from their list. That way, whenever you are feeling a bit fed up, and don’t know what to do next, you can have a look at your list and remind yourself of the things that make you happy. And when Lockdown is over, a jar full of ideas.

I have seen on Padlet that so many of you are enjoying learning how to bake. All of the staff are really looking forward to testing your new creations when we get back to school. So keep practising and keep sharing (just the pictures for now!)

We miss you all terribly and might have a little surprise for you next week!

Mrs Ainley