Welcome to this week’s Celebration Newsletter!

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to the following children who celebrated this week. We hope you enjoyed your special day.

We would like to say a big Happy Birthday to the following!

Maisie P who turned 7 on 9th May

Charlie H who turned 8 on 10th May

Jude P-W who turned 6 on 13th May

Evie F who turned 11, also on 13th May

Kyla T-D who turned 9 on 14th May

Epilepsy Awareness Local Competition

There’s a FREE competition for any children in local area (Howden, Goole, Hook and Airmyn can be delivered to, but outside these zones you must be able to collect the prize).

The competition is to design a poster for Epilepsy Awareness. Full details can be found by visiting the Facebook page found here: https://www.facebook.com/108219340771433/posts/138486164411417/

The competition will be drawn on the 26th May – you just need to post your picture in the comments.

It sounds like a lot of fun, we hope you decide to join in! Good Luck!!

Good Work

Thank you so much for showing us what you have been doing this week Our higlights are:-

Class R The whole class and their lovely parents for making such a lovely video for Mrs Heslop, Mrs Brooks and Mrs Chadwick! They are absolutely delighted with it and have loved seeing all the little ones’ big smiley faces. Thank you so much!

Class 1 Everyone who made the wonderful toilet roll challenge video! Miss Ablett loved it. And also a special mention for Lucy and her VE Day decorations

Class 2Bella K for her amazingly creative Desert Island and life cycle work, and Matilda T for learning how to count to 10 in Spanish (Mrs Bucknall is looking forward to being taught how to do it when we are back at school!)

Class 3 – Mrs Bainton has been spoilt for choice this week! She would like to thank everyone for their contributions – and Amelia has enjoyed the work that’s been put on as much as Mrs Bainton! However, she would like to mention Josh C’s super artwork and amazing shark video, and Harriet B ‘s beautiful acrostic poem. She would also like to say a special “Well Done!” to Jasmine H for her dedication to posting so much work the whole time Padlet has been available.

Class 4 Freya J’s posted some wonderful work on rockpools and Fangtooth Fish, and Neve C wrote an amazing “Commotion in the Ocean” acrostic poem!

Class 5Sienna M-K posted some wonderful work on VE Day and Isabel B’s wildlife documentary was fantastic, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!

Class 6 Kira B posted some beautiful Britto inspired art and wonderful work on the circulatory system, and Freddie F and Keira B had some great work out ideas. Also, Emily J created a gorgeous poster on the circulatory system.

Legs Leetham!

Unfortunately, Mrs Legs Leetham picked up a slight knee injury during the filming of this weeks’ epic workout but pushed through to the end! We hope you feel better soon!

Message from Mrs Ainley

Who thinks Boris Johnson may have seen our video, realised how much we are missing you, and decided it was time to reopen schools? I think maybe he did. 
If we did a poll to find out how everybody was feeling after this announcement, we would have a whole range of responses. I know some of you are really looking forward to coming back to school, some of you prefer to be at home. Some of you will be excited on your first day back in and some may be worried about the new rules and routines. You may want to come back but your parents might not want you to (and vice versa!). We need to remember that we all have different views and opinions and we need to respect these. Always be kind.
To help to keep everyone safe, school will be very different; this will be until we can be sure that the virus has gone. For example, not all of the children will come back to start with. We will need to change the classes so that you are in smaller groups and you may not see all of your friends. You may have a different teacher for a short time. We would usually encourage you to share, but we will be asking that you to keep things for yourself for now. It will all seem very strange and I feel really sad to have to tell you how it will be. Not the busy hive of activity our school normally is.
However, you have all been amazing at following the rules so far, looking after the NHS and all of your loved ones so we just need to do that little bit more to help our country eventually get back to normal. You are amazing little individuals and I know we can do this. 
I will be in touch with your parents soon with some more information. 
Keep smiling!

Mrs Ainley