School re-opening FAQs

Good Evening All,

I apologise for the Friday evening interruption but just wanted to share a few questions that came our way following the letter sent out by the Trust this morning as I am aware of the short deadline to make a decision.

I’ve had feedback that some were upset by the tone of the letter. The intention of the letter was to set out very clearly what has been outlined in the government guidance so you all had a true and honest picture of how the school will look if the government decide that all of the criteria has been met for a 1st of June reopening. I understand that this may have come as a shock to you, it certainly did to me when I read the guidance. The things we have to put in place will be a vast change to our school environment and it is important that you were given as much information as possible to inform your judgement. You know your child the best and will know what is the right decision for your family.

As I alluded to in the Celebration Newsletter, we understand that our families have widely differing views on the reopening of schools and are coming from a vast range of circumstances that may mean they actually have to make a decision that is in opposition to their view. We want to be as flexible as we possibly can while keeping within the guidance and doing the right thing for our families; keeping everyone as safe as possible whatever decision they make.

Here are some of the questions we have been asked:

Can I Send My Child in Part-Time (Reception, Year 1 and Year 6)?

We understand that some families may just want their children to come into school on the days they have to work. This is fine. Please respond Yes to the survey and then we can fine tune the numbers on a week by week basis. Your child will stay in the group they have been allocated to on the days they are in to prevent mixing of groups.

I am having difficulty making a decision at this moment. 

I think this is perfectly natural as we do not know what the national picture will be closer to the time. If you think there might be a possibility you will send them back at some point in June, respond yes. It is easier for the school to plan to the maximum amount of numbers rather than have more children than expected.

What if my situation changes?

You would just need to contact school at your earliest opportunity and we would look at the best way to accommodate your request.

Will Key Workers’ children still be able to attend if they are not in Reception, Year 1 or Year 6?

Yes we will still have a key worker group. If you are a key worker with children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 we will put them into a group with their year group but there will be an additional group of Year 2,3,4 and 5 key worker children.

Home Learning/School Learning

I know many of you will be worried about your child falling behind. You will not be alone. I think every parent of a school aged child will have similar worries right now. This transition period will be a very difficult one. When the children come back into school the staff will need to be very aware of their emotional needs and may need to spend some time supporting them with that and their responses around coming back into this very different environment. We will endeavour to keep the work offered at home similar to the work offered in school for the Reception and Year 1 children from the 1st June. For the Year 6 children the focus will be around preparing them for their move to secondary. We are liaising with the secondary schools to see what their plans are for transition arrangements. We know that restrictions won’t allow us to have our usual celebrations with the Year 6 children but we do aim to have them back to celebrate when we are allowed. We do like to keep in touch!

The big work will be done once schools reopen fully, whenever that may be and the staff will work hard to assess where the children are currently at and how we can best support them. Coming back to school, whenever that is, after such a long break will be difficult for the children and we need to carefully manage that.

As we keep saying, all of this planning and concern may be in vain if the government decide the conditions are not right for reopening. We all closely monitor that R rate I am sure.

Please e-mail school if you have any more questions and we will get back to you.

Once we have pupil numbers we can create a more definitive plan and we will contact you personally regarding the specific details e.g. staggered pick up and drop off times and protocols such as where to stand etc.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Kindest Regards

Caroline Ainley
Head of School