Welcome to this week’s Celebration Newsletter!

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to the following children who celebrated this week. We hope you enjoyed your special day.

We would like to say a big Happy Birthday to the following!

Rosie H  who turned 10 on 17th May

Lily C who turned 11, also on 17th May

Iris T who turned 5 on 19th May

Sebastian B, who also turned 5 on 20th May

Finn L, who turned 6 on 21st May

Epilepsy Awareness Local Competition

There’s a FREE competition for any children in local area (Howden, Goole, Hook and Airmyn can be delivered to, but outside these zones you must be able to collect the prize).

The competition is to design a poster for Epilepsy Awareness. Full details can be found by visiting the Facebook page found here: https://www.facebook.com/108219340771433/posts/138486164411417/

The competition will be drawn on the 26th May – you just need to post your picture in the comments.

It sounds like a lot of fun, we hope you decide to join in! Good Luck!!

Good Work

Thank you so much for showing us what you have been doing this week Our highlights are:-

Class R Ella F for all of her amazing work on giraffes, she has made a model, picture, collage and written a gorgeous book about Geoff the giraffe; and Phoebe C for her amazing egg-speriment ! And her gorgeous hungry caterpillar story craft in the garden.

Class 1 Ava McQ for her amazing princess counting and Marley D for her super reading, sharing bug club with her brother!

Class 2Lila F for her beautifully presented bar graph and Jack W for his super reading comprehension work on Beatrix Potter.

Class 3 Charlie H for his beautiful acrostic poem! It was well thought out and beautifully illustrated and Ashton F’s stunning dolphin artwork using recycled materials. He has thought really carefully about the materials used and where to place them – beautiful and very effective! Also thank you to all the children for their step by step instructions on how to make different items from recycling household things! If anyone is stuck for something to do there are lots of ideas!

Class 4 Everyone for the surprise video for Mr Tutty! He thought it was amazing and showed all the children that were in school, who loved it just as much as he did. Literally!

Class 5Thomas W for his independent study of electricity and Theodore S for his thrilling theme park poem!

Class 6 –  Freddie F for his delicious, healthy recipes and Tobi E for heart rate graph and his great debate work.

Legs Leetham!

Mrs Legs Leetham has been all over the news this week, making guest appearances on TV and radio! Check out the news stories and interviews with our very own superstar!

Click here for BBC East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire’s New Story!

Message from Mrs Ainley

Wow, I can hardly believe another week has passed! So much has happened, including Mrs Leetham becoming a celebrity. How amazing is that? 
This week has passed particularly quickly because we have all been working very hard to make plans to reopen the school. We think we are getting there and (as long as things don’t change again) should have some more information for you today. 
In these difficult times we are relying an awful lot on trust. When talking to the children, we say that trust is earned by showing how we can be relied upon through our actions. However, through this pandemic we are being asked all of the time to put trust in people we don’t really know. This can make us uncertain and worried. 
We ask you to trust us to do the right thing for your children from the moment they join us in Reception and this is a hard thing for parents to do, especially for new families. Over time, we hope that we build trusting relationships through our actions. We are asking an awful lot of you to trust us to make the right decision for the school as a whole right now. 
We know that you all will have very different views about the reopening of schools and we trust our families to make the right decisions whatever they may be, especially for the year groups that we are opening for. If you are at all unsure, we are happy to support you in making a decision and remind you that nothing is set in stone. We will continue to support you through the coming weeks. 
We need to take baby steps back to normality, whilst all the time checking that it is still safe to continue on that journey. 
Please take care of each other.
Kindest Regards

Mrs Ainley