Welcome to this week’s Celebration Newsletter!

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to the following children who celebrated this week. We hope you enjoyed your special day.

We would like to say a big Happy Birthday to the following!

Joseph C who turned 7 on 24th May

Jack P who turned 9, also on 24th May

Kylan R who turned 7 on 25th May

Louise T who turned 9, also on the 25th May

Jake B who turned 10, again on the 25th May!

George B who turned 7 on 27th May

Jacob L who turned 8, also on 27th May

British Psychological Society Advice

One of our school mums, Clair Costello, has kindly shared some really useful information for Key Workers and their children that we think you might find interesting. The article with links to the booklet guides can be found by clicking here. Even though it is aimed specifically at Key Workers and their children, there is information contained that is applicable to everyone.

Good Work

Thank you so much for showing us what you have been doing this week Our highlights are:-

Class R Archie B for practising his keyword jar game with mummy, and Ella F for her lovely musical weather music and making her own instruments!

Class 1 Bodhi’s Mum Sarah for the beautiful stones she added to Stoney the Snake outside school, and Melita B for her amazing David Hockney inspired painting

Class 2Evie W For her beautifully presented bar chart and Violet C for her fantastic work on fractions.

Class 3 Ashton F for his beautiful acrostic poem and thank you to Callum H for sharing his fun water world! It looked like a lot of fun splashing about!

Class 4 Archie W for all his work this week on our topic – he’s got so into it! Also Freya J for her recycled marine habitat scene which is amazing!

Class 5 – Miss Knowles hasn’t had any posts on Padlet this week, but hopes you are all having a lovely half term!

Class 6 –  Kira B for her lovely brownie recipe and video and Freddie F for his fast food debate writing

Legs Leetham!

Message from Mrs Ainley

I have just been outside with my family for what could be the last ‘Clap for Carers’. What an incredible job they have done keeping everyone safe and well and what an amazing job you have done by staying in and not living your lives in the same way as we did at the start of this year. It has certainly not been easy. We are all missing something about our old routines. 
The Prime Minister is happy that we are now safe to start to ease some of the restrictions we have been living with for the past 10 weeks. So how do we all feel about that? The families I have spoken to this week have had such a range of opinions about this. As much as we all want to get back to normal, it may feel a little strange to go back to doing some of the things we haven’t done for so long, especially when we have new rules to learn. 
Although the places you visit may look a little different from how you remember, the people in those places are the same as you will remember and are really looking forward to seeing you. As we slowly come out of lockdown, we need to be very careful to follow the rules, and then with time, we may fully remember what life was like, hopefully sooner than we think. 
Kindest Regards

Mrs Ainley