Welcome to the last Celebration Newsletter!

I have mixed feelings as I sit here and write this, my final piece for our final lockdown newsletter. 

We are really happy to be opening up the school to more children on Monday and can’t wait to see how much those children have grown in this beautiful sunny weather we have had. But sad we will not be seeing all of you just yet. 

I am happy that we will be getting most of our staff back in the building where they belong doing what they do best; but sad we won’t be able to work together in quite the same way as we did before. 

I know you will all be sad that Legs Leetham has hung up her catsuit; but I am sure you enjoyed her final video. 

I am sad to be saying goodbye to the Airmyn keyworker children who have been with us in school for the last 12 weeks; but I am sure they will be happy to be going back to their own school now. 

Lots of mixed feelings this week.

I never imagined at the beginning of the year that I would be writing these newsletters to you every week without having seen most of you for so long. But it has made me realise how quickly life can change and how we really must be grateful for every opportunity we are given. 

I know I will view life a little differently from now on. I will never take from granted how special it is to have a school full of excited children who are proud to show me their achievements, or how happy you are when you have represented the school and come back with a trophy, or show your work in assembly.  Lots of wonderful things that happen in school, too many to mention, that I will never take for granted again. 

Hope to see you ALL very soon.

Lots of Love 

Mrs Ainley

June Birthdays

We hope you all have had, and will have a very happy birthday!

Ella K who turned 8 on 1st June

Abigail P who turned 9, also on 1st June

Minnie R who turned 8 on 2nd June

Eliza K who turns 5 today, 5th June

Alex H who turns 6 on 7th June

Kacie B who turns 8 on 8th June

Jessica A who turns 9 on 10th June

Melita B who turns 6 on 12 June

Isabella F who turns 6 on 17th June

Jude G who turns 5 on 21st June

Archie & Charlie B – twins who turn 5 on 22nd June

Kristian H who turns 8 on 24th June

Shelby P who turns 8 on 28th June

Legs Leetham!

Our Lockdown Gallery

We had such a fantastic response to our request for photos of your time spent in lockdown. Thank you so much for all your messages of thanks and support, it really means a lot to us all that you found some value in our efforts to keep in touch. The number of photos here may mean that this part of the page takes a while to load! But, it is worth it – how wonderful it is to see you all and your adventures!