Residential Information – Class 6

Dear Class 6 Parents,

In response to parents requesting information regarding the residential for the Year 6 children in

At present, our reservation for the residential in December is still in place as the centre has made it clear in their booking T&Cs that they will only cancel a trip if they or the school are in a local lockdown. However, DfE guidance is clear that overnight visits should not go ahead but it is possible the guidance between now and then could well change and these restrictions be lifted. If this is the case we will be taking the children on their residential.

However, if the guidance does not change, as a school, we would not feel it appropriate to go against the guidance of the DFE. In this event, the residential will be cancelled and families will receive a full refund via the school’s insurance. The insurance company will not honour the refund if the school cancels more than a month before the visit, due to the possibility of the situation changing before the visit is due to take place.

I hope this goes someway to explaining the school situation regarding this visit. We would really like it to go ahead to give the children something to look forward to. However, the closer we get to December, this looks increasingly unlikely. Myself and the staff will continue to look for ways to make their final school year at Hook, a special one.

Kindest Regards

Mrs Caroline Ainley
Head of School