School Streets – Restrictions on Garth Lane

Dear Parents,

As we approach the end of our first half term, can we remind you that the School Streets initiative will be launched on our very first day back at school after the half-term break. This will mean that any unpermitted vehicles will not be able to access Garth Lane during the times of 8.15-9.15am and 2.45 and 3.45pm.

To help make this project a success, we would need a bank of volunteers that would be willing to stand at the top of Garth Lane and help direct traffic to the Park and Stride sites or other alternative parking during the road closure times. I know many of you have expressed concerns about the safety around school at those times and hope that some of you may considering being part of this much needed bank of volunteers. Training will be offered and it does not have to be a parent. So if you know anyone that might be interested in supporting the school with this, please get in touch. Further information is attached below.

Kind regards,

Mrs C M Ainley

Head of School