Welcome Back & New Changes

Dear Parents,


We find ourselves coming back to school in increasingly difficult times and we sincerely hope you are all well. Following the announcement yesterday evening, I imagine some of our families will be busy trying to make sense of how the changes will affect them.

Although school will be staying open, we feel it is time to put more stringent measures in place to further protect our school community.


We have seen a significant increase in cases affecting our staff and families and we will be beginning the new half term with some staff and children isolating. Thankfully, as all cases have become apparent in the half term break, this will not have an impact on larger groups needing to isolate. However, as we move through the half term there is an increased chance we will need to close bubbles and we ask that you begin to prepare for this.

We ask that families keep us informed of any suspected cases, tests taken, and isolation of anyone in the household so that we can keep our registers updated. If you know that your child will not be in school please let school know as soon as possible either by email office@hookprimary.co.uk or leaving a voice message on the school telephone system if the school office is closed.

From the cases we know of, the symptoms can often be mild and something that you might ordinarily ignore, but the loss of taste or/and smell has been consistent. So please be extra vigilant to recognising this if you or a family member becomes unwell.

If any children are needing to isolate. Work will be provided by their class teacher. You should have received information about the new platforms we will be sending that work out through. A full explanation of our contingency planning, including what to expect if a bubble closes will be going on the website next week.

If we have any families that would struggle to access on line learning for any reason, please contact school at your earliest opportunity. Preferably before you would need to access it, to give us the opportunity to provide an alternative if needed.

Face Coverings

We will now be asking any person over Primary School age wear a face covering once inside the school premises. So any person, collecting or dropping off children should wear a face covering even though they are outside. This is to put in an extra preventative measure to reduce the risk of infection.

Thank you to all that are observing the social distancing rules on the playground. Can we ask that you ensure there are two metres between you and the class teacher/staff member when collecting and dropping off the children. Any messages that cannot be passed on from this distance must be done via email or telephone.


Bringing Items to School

We are now going to limit the children bringing things in from home to their packed lunch and water bottle only. We ask that children do not bring book bags. All reading will need to be done through Bug Club. If you have any difficulty accessing Bug Club please contact the school and we will support you with this.

School Streets

Can we also remind you that Garth Lane will be closed to all unpermitted traffic from 8.15am – 9.15am and 2.45pm – 3.45pm.

Thank you once again for your continued support. Hopefully, the new national measures will have an impact quickly and we will once again be able to return to some normality.

Kindest Regards

Caroline Ainley

Head of School