W/C 25 January: Critical Worker Provision Link, Home Learning Devices, Staff Testing

25th January 2021

Dear Families,

At the beginning of week 4 of this latest Lockdown, we should all congratulate each
other on the mountain we have climbed to get here. The new rhythms of working are
embedding and we are incredibly proud of the children and how hard they are working
under difficult conditions.

Home Learning Devices
Despite not receiving the government devices, we have reconditioned some of our school
devices to prepare them to go home to some families. Unfortunately, we do not have
enough devices to go to all the families that have requested them and we do have a
waiting list. We will be contacting families with information about how to collect the
devices or with other ways we could help shortly.

Keyworker and Vulnerable Children
We continue to be open for our keyworker and vulnerable children. We are expecting 42%
of our school population in school at some point this week. Thank you to the families
who have managed to reduce the numbers of days they are needing to access the school
provision. Please only use the provision when you have no other alternative.
The link for the week beginning the 1st February: https://bit.ly/2XDbjST
It is important that you fill in the form, even if your child is regularly attending.

Staff Testing
You may have heard that the government are rolling out a programme of regular staff
testing for adults working in the Primary School Sector. This is to identify asymptomatic
staff who could potentially spread the infection unknowingly. This is great news for our
communities and will go a long way to help control the spread of the infection. However,
it is important to be prepared for the impact this may have on the school. It may mean
there are more bubble closures as a positive staff test will mean that the bubble they
work in will need to isolate. We will be starting the testing this week and staff are
expected to test twice weekly. The trust will be contacting you with further information.

We hope you all have a good week and stay safe.

Kindest Regards

Caroline Ainley