w/c 1st February – Children’s Mental Health Week, Critical Worker Places Form Link

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe we have all been working under these new conditions for a whole
month now. We are incredible proud of all of the children and their families for creating
a new routine of working together (and often alongside each other) on a daily basis. I
know just how challenging this can be. However, as we move through February and the
days grow longer, we are closer to seeing the reopening of schools. It is my
understanding that we should have some information about this following the February
half term.

Children’s Mental Health Week
This week is Children’s Mental Health Week. We all need to be aware of ways we can
support children through this difficult time, when they are not seeing their friends or
taking part in the clubs and activities they would normally be busy with. This website
has many great ideas for helping children express themselves in positive ways.

I can recommend watching the Virtual Assembly which is about 25 mins and has
celebrities and children talking about how they express themselves and many other ideas
that might just inspire your children.

‘Dress to Express’ Day – Friday 5th February
We would like to invite the children to ‘Dress to Express’ on Friday 5th February. The
clothes we choose to wear can help us express how we are feeling. So, whether the
children are in school or working at home, we would love to see them in clothes which
express their personality or how they are feeling.

Children’s mental health can often be affected by how we are feeling as parents. So to
support your children, please be aware of ways you can look after yourself. I do not
think I have spoken to anyone who is finding this lockdown easy and as adults we are
often too busy to consider how we are feeling and whether we need to take time out to
do an activity that makes you happy (within the restrictions!).

Key Worker and Vulnerable Children
Please find the link below for the Key worker and Vulnerable children places in school
next week. The numbers are steadily increasing and we have needed to turn down places
in classes that have reached the maximum.


Please remember to only request places when you have no other option but to send the
children into school to reduce numbers and therefore the spread of infection to our Key
Worker and Vulnerable families.

I sincerely hope you all have a good week.

Kindest Regards

Caroline Ainley