Class R Birthday Party

Dear Parents

We have been delighted to have the children back in school with us and they have really enjoyed playing and learning with their friends again.

We are planning to have another birthday party at school on Thursday 25th March for the children to enjoy celebrating the birthdays of all of the children who have turned five during the time between Christmas and Easter. The children loved last terms party and it was lovely to see them enjoying one of the exciting events many of them would have attended outside of school. Since they are still unable to mix in large groups beyond our classroom, we would like to provide this opportunity for them again.

As last term, we would like to ask for a very small donation towards the cost of the party if you are able. Many of you were so very generous last time, we do not expect you do donate again. The children will enjoy an afternoon of music, dancing, games, food and fun and we would like to invite them to come dressed in their party clothes for the day.

Many Thanks

Reception Team