Planned Road Closure

Good Afternoon,

I am sure many of you will already be aware of the planned closure of the main High Street in the village of Hook. Please see the attached documents for more information. We have been informed that this work is due to start on the 10th May.

The attached plans show that passage through the village will not be permitted and access will be for residents only. This is expected to be for a period of 28 days.

I have been in touch with the organisers of School Streets and as it is a traffic order, the movement along Garth Lane will continue to be restricted to permitted vehicles only. We appreciate that this is going to cause difficultlies for some families who have to use their cars and ask that you find a convenient place to park outisde of the closure.

I am trying to gather more specific information regarding the closure, such as, is the whole street closed for the full period or will it be done parts. I have been told to try the Highways office again on Wednesday morning so hopefully will have more information for you then.

Therefore, I will be in touch with more information as I receive it.

Kindest Regards


Caroline Ainley
Head of School