Come On England!

Dear Parents,

Excitement is building for Sunday’s final and we are all hoping for England to bring home the trophy to allow us to have the perfect end to extraordinary year.

To mark this occasion with the children, we would like to say the children can come to school in football kits/sports kit/red, white and blue clothes on Monday and we will have a special photograph of each child to go on the front of their reports. What ever the outcome, we need to mark this incredible achievement by the England Team!

Also, we understand that many of the children will want to stay up and watch the game with their families, so we are extending our registration period until 10.30am on Monday, so any child arriving up to 10.30 will not be marked as late. Please make sure that you have filled in the dinner menus for the children and inform us at your earliest opportunity if your child is unwell and not attending that day as the school kitchen need final numbers by 9.30.

Come on England!

Kindest Regards

‘Sweet Caroline’ Ainley
Head Teacher