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Welcome to the Summer Term, Class 1!

You, Me and the World We Can See!

Daily Activities

  • Keep a diary about your time at home
  • Reading (treat the books from Bug-Club online as though they are your reading books)
  • Practice all of your phonics sounds and tricky words
  • Practice number bonds up to 20
  • Writing numbers up to 20 in order
  • Counting up and down to 100
  • Write a sentence

I am only posting five new activities to do as some of you may be back at school soon and things will work a little differently then! Please do not hesitate to contact me via the school email if I can help with anything at all, I can reply via email or give you a ring if you would prefer. For the next 5 activities, I have focused more on the ‘What you can see’ part of our topic!

Activity Grid

Rainbow nature trail- can you find 7 things outside that are the different colours of the rainbow?? They might be things you can collect and bring home or they might be things you can take a photo of! I would love you to present them in any way you would like but to also include some great adjectives to describe them too. So not just ‘blue sky’ but ‘beautiful clear blue sky’? For example. You could also try using a simile. We haven’t learnt about them but they compare one thing to another, so you might say ‘as red as a ladybird’ or ‘as green as a frog’.

Landscape painting- Take a photo when you are outside and then have a go at painting it! If you can’t find a view that you would like to paint you might want to look on the internet for some ideas. Can you find out the difference between ‘portrait’ and ‘landscape’ when we are talking about paintings or photographs?

A special place- Think of your favourite place to visit, maybe it’s somewhere you are waiting to go to when lockdown is over? Have a go at making a leaflet about it the place. Include facts about it and try to persuade people to go there. When we persuade we are trying to make someone agree with us so we use special types of words to make things seem exciting and interesting. If I was talking about the park I might say ‘Come and visit Hook park, you will not regret it! It is the best park around!’

Date of birth history – Can you find out something that happened on the day you were born? It might have happened in Hook or Goole or maybe something bigger around the world?

Money, money, money- Do you have a money box in your bedroom or maybe a purse or wallet with some pocket money in? Have a go at seeing if you know what all the coins and notes are? Maybe you could have a go at seeing how many coins equal another? Like 2 50ps equal £1? You might want to make your own shop and sell things to your family!

Class 1 Home & School

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