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Welcome to the Summer Term, Class 1!

You, Me and the World We Can See!

Daily Activities

  • Keep a diary about your time at home
  • Reading (treat the books from Bug-Club online as though they are your reading books)
  • Practice all of your phonics sounds and tricky words
  • Practice number bonds up to 20
  • Writing numbers up to 20 in order
  • Counting up and down to 100
  • Write a sentence

Activity Grid

Paint a self-portrait of yourself in the style of a famous artist of your choice!

Write a set of instructions to teach Miss Ablett something you have learnt during lockdown!

Make a model of yourself out of anything!

Make a fact file about yourself! Include things like your eye colour, hair colour, height, and also things about you… like your favourite colour and hobby!

Can you have a go at telling the time? In Class One we look at O’clock and half past, but anything else is great too!

Could you have a go at measuring things around your house and garden? You can use standard measure and non-standard measure (things like hands or bricks!). Maybe you could measure how tall everyone is in your family? Who is the tallest? Who is the smallest?

Draw around yourself and see if you can label different parts of the body. Do you know any special names for the bones?

Make a timeline of your life so far! Think of big things that have happened to you. These may be things like special birthday, learning to ride a bike or maybe getting a pet.

Write an acrostic poem about yourself! An acrostic poem is where there is a word down the side and each sentence starts with a letter from that word. Like this:

Always has a smiley face

Believes in magic

Ladybird lover

Eats everything!

Talks a lot

To everyone!

Class 1 – Home & School

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