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Welcome to the Summer Term, Class 3!

Water World

Daily Activities

  • Keep a diary about your time at home
  • Practice your 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times-tables
  • Reading (treat the books from Bug-Club online as though they are your reading books)
  • Access Times-Tables Rock Stars (for 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times-tables)
  • Practice writing the year 3 & 4 keywords
  • Try to make somebody smile every day (See sheet in home learning pack for log-in details)

Hello Class 3!

Welcome to the second half of our Summer Term home learning activities, continuing the topic of Water World!

Activity Grid

I know you love animals, just like me! Watch this short clip from the BBC spy camera series. Click Here

Once you have watched it, I would like you to imagine you are the otter; describe how you feel in the water. Would the water feel ticklish? Does it glide over its soft fur?

Start your piece of writing with this sentence: I am an otter floating in the sea,

This is my example:

I am an otter floating in the sea.

Cool, clear water surrounds me.

The sun glimmers on the surface, reflecting in my eyes, almost like sparkly glitter.

The soft waves tickle my belly as the ripples stroke my toes.

I splash, splash, splash! The droplets ping at my eyes, like a rocket speeding.

I am an otter floating in the sea, and I am as happy as can be.

Can you make your own spy telescope using recycled materials? I found it useful to look at images of spy telescopes first. This will help you with challenge.

I now want to use your spy telescope and the spy camera video to make some artwork. Watch the video again through the spy telescope. When there is a scene you like (either the otter or the landscape), pause the video and let’s draw it (using these instructions).

A. draw a circle in the centre of a piece of paper

B. Inside the circle, draw the scene from the documentary you like

C. Outside the circle colour or paint it black This should give the illusion to others that they are using your spy telescope, to spy on the sea otters.

You have impressed me so much with your creative ideas and the different items you have made from recycled materials. I wonder if you could now extend this to become a recycling, fashion designer! Can you make something that you could wear using recycled materials? It could be a piece of jewellery or maybe even a key ring for your bag! Get creative and I can’t wait to see.

I want you to think of hungry sharks! We have looked at the more than, less than and equals signs before, but it always helps to revise them! I will create a question sheet where there are gaps for you to put the correct symbol < > =. Remember, the hungry shark will always go for the largest number!

Click Here For the Question Sheet

 Use this picture as inspiration to create your own piece of writing. You might want to write a poem, a short story, or simple a descriptive piece. You might even want to research the animals in it and make a poster about them. It’s your choice.

 A fun maths challenge! How many different ways can your organise these four colours in a line?

Red, green, yellow, blue.

Here is my example:

Keep going as long as you can! There are so many possibilities.

Can you make your own colour pattern challenge? Choose 4 different colours and see how many possible ways there are of organising them.

I would like you to think about what you have found out about the different sea animals. Think about how they live, how they protect themselves, what they eat. Now, can you create and draw your own, new sea animal! What does it look like? What is it called? Where does it live? What does it eat? How long does it live? Is it predator or prey? I can’t wait to see.

Class 3 English

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Class 3 Maths

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