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Welcome to the Summer Term, Class 6!

A Healthy Enterprise

Daily Activities

  • Reading (Bug-Club books are available online)
  • Complete part of a SATS paper
  • Practice all times tables 1-12 so that you can recall answers quickly
  • Multiply two and three digit numbers using the formal written method
  • Divide two and three digit numbers using the bus stop method, write any remainders as decimals
  • Multiply decimal numbers using the formal written method (remove the decimals before multiplying and then put them back in after)
  • Find percentages of different amounts (e.g. 45% of 380)
  • Find fractions of different amounts (e.g. 6/7 of 288)
  • Access Times-Tables Rock Stars (see additional sheet for log-in details)

Hi everyone, here are your next activities based on our topic ‘Healthy Enterprises’. I have loved seeing the work that you’ve produced from the last activities, you’ve been so creative and it’s been lovely to see such a range.

The next activities will still focus on staying healthy and I’ve also put a couple of activities on that focus on having a healthy mind too. I am so aware that you’re probably thinking a lot about your move to secondary school and it is so important that you’re able deal with the concerns and have strategies to use when you are feeling worried. As the end of term draws closer we will look at more transition activities and will be reading a class novel that links to transition.

I can’t wait to see your finished work! If you’d prefer to email me your work rather than posting it to Padlet please email it to I can give you personal feedback on the work that you’ve produced.

Just one more thing…every year the Year 6 Class plans and designs their own leavers’ assembly (with a little help from the teacher). It now seems very unlikely that we will be able to have a ‘normal’ leavers’ assembly at this point so I would like you to get your thinking caps on and send me any ideas that you have about what we could do whilst still sticking to social distancing rules. I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve but I’d love to hear yours!

Stay safe and keep smiling!

Missing you,

Miss Yewman

Activity Grid

1) Research and Note taking

Diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle impact the way in which your bodies function.

Read the attached PowerPoint about ‘Staying Healthy’

Use the information on the powerpoint slides and following links to research staying healthy (you may find other useful websites/books) and record your findings on the attached planning sheet.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3


Healthy Lifestyles PowerPoint

2) Looking After Yourself Brochure (linked to activity 1)

Using your notes from activity 1 make a brochure or a powerpoint aimed at teenagers to be used at a local Leisure Centre explaining the ways in which they can look after their bodies. Use the headings:

Healthy diet



Eat-well poster

Create your own eat-well poster focusing on what each food type does for different parts of your body (the PowerPoint will help with this).

Linking to your work on Britto we’re going to continue with the cubist theme. I’d like you to plan a piece of art like the one below.

To do this you could follow these steps:
1) Draw the outline of 2/3 pieces of fruit on paper.
2) Draw lines across the page (going over the fruit too).
3) Colour in each section

You may choose to colour the work in a variety of colours or may just choose a couple and practice adding tone by varying how hard you press down with the pencil.

We will look at this type of work again when you’re back in school and will experiment with different media.


The Best Part of Me

When you’re moving on o new horizons its important to remember how special you are. Choose the best part of you and explain why you have chosen it. Illustrate your work with a photograph or drawing.




Interview questions

Watch the following video: BBC Bitesize

Think about what you’re worried about in advance of your move to secondary school. Make a list of interview questions for a teacher at high school. Please email me these and I will set up my own interview with a secondary teacher to help answer all of your concerns! These will be anonymous so don’t worry about your questions sounding silly.


Class 6 English

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Class 6 Maths

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