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Welcome to the Summer Term, Class 6!

A Healthy Enterprise

Daily Activities

  • Reading (Bug-Club books are available online)
  • Complete part of a SATS paper
  • Practice all times tables 1-12 so that you can recall answers quickly
  • Multiply two and three digit numbers using the formal written method
  • Divide two and three digit numbers using the bus stop method, write any remainders as decimals
  • Multiply decimal numbers using the formal written method (remove the decimals before multiplying and then put them back in after)
  • Find percentages of different amounts (e.g. 45% of 380)
  • Find fractions of different amounts (e.g. 6/7 of 288)
  • Access Times-Tables Rock Stars (see additional sheet for log-in details)

A Poem for Year 6

I know this time is hard for you,
That much is definitely clear.
You miss your friends and going out,
At the end of your final year.


We should be celebrating after sats,
And having lots of fun,
Embarking on an Enterprise topic
And playing rounders in the sun.


If you come back before schools out,
I’ll try my very best,
To make the most of your last weeks at school,
And put happy-times to the test!


These activities for the next three weeks,
Involve learning about the heart;
Keeping healthy, cooking food,
And designing your very own Britto art.


And when you’re back we’ll transform the classroom,
In to an impressive diner,
Where you can rustle up your foodie delights,
We won’t have eaten anything finer!


So year 6, I really hope,
That I’ll see you very soon,
Please stay in touch from now until,
We’re back in our own classroom!


Take care everyone.
Please call school, email or padlet if you need anything.


Miss Yewman ?

Activity Grid

Research the circulatory system and present your findings. Think about: What the role of the circulatory system is, what organs are part of it, why is it so important. You can choose the way in which you present your findings, for example; a PowerPoint, poster, poem, song, life-size diagram, playdough, puppet show, dance. The possibilities are endless!

Keeping your heart healthy is so important. Part of this is eating a healthy diet and completing regular exercise. Create your own exercise routine for your friends or family. It can involve any sports that you enjoy.

Create your own heart rate graph! You can check your heart rate by taking your pulse and counting how many times your heart beats in a minute. You may need to ask an adult to show you how to check your pulse. Measure your heart rate before exercise and then after three different activities of your choice (make sure that you rest in between them to allow your heart rate to return to normal). Record your heart rate after each activity and create a graph of your choice to show your findings.

Create a wordsearch or crossword for someone in your family to solve using key vocabulary from the Circulatory System.

Design a healthy meal and cook it (it could be a healthy dessert). Write a recipe for others (including me) to try. When we come back to school we can turn the class into a restaurant for a week and sell our meals!

Romero Britto is the founder of the Happy Art Movement that inspires millions of people worldwide. Britto is an international artist that uses vibrant, iconic imagery and fun patterns to reflect his optimistic view of the world around him. Create your own piece of Britto inspired ‘heart art’.

Should fast food restaurants be banned? Write a persuasive argument to state your opinion.

Class 6 English

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Class 6 Maths

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