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Welcome to the Summer Term, Class R!

My Home, Your Home

Daily Activities

  • Practice sounds from sound book and digraph sheet
  • Practise Keywords on sight
  • Read Bug Club books online, blending and talking about the story.
  • Write sentences every day, saying slowly one sentence at a time, sounding out words carefully, using capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.
  • Count on and back to 20.
  • Count objects to find how many there are to 20 and beyond.
  • Add and subtract two single digit numbers using objects or counting on or back to find the answer.
  • Sing some songs and rhymes.
  • Listen to a story and talk about what happened.

Hello Class R!

Welcome to the second half of our Summer Term home learning activities, continuing the topic of My Home, Your Home!

Activity Grid

Sit in your house, Cover your ears, What can you see? Close your eyes, What can you hear? Put your hand on your heart, How do you feel? Close your eyes, What can you smell? Now sit outside. Can you do the same? Can you draw, take pictures or write about inside and outside?

Can you use your crayons and paper to do some rubbings of different textures around your home? What do you think will make different patterns on your paper? Feel the things around you and think about the pattern they might make. You could do rubbings of things in the house, outside, walls, trees, anything you like! Can you label each rubbing so we know where it is from, sounding out your words carefully.

Can you make a plan of your house? First make a list of all of the rooms in your house, now can you make a plan of the downstairs, upstairs and a map of the outside? What features and details will you put on your plans and map?

Can you draw a picture or make a model of your favourite place at home. Can you write some super sentences telling us all about where your favourite place at home is and why. How does it make you feel and what is it like in your favourite part of home?

Can you design a new imaginary garden?! It can have anything you want in it and be as big as you can dream! Wow, what will be in there? Steep hills? Tall trees? A stream? A fairy house? A dinosaur cove? You could make a model or draw a picture, you could use your lego, recycled materials, craft materials, anything you want!

Can you read a story you haven’t read for a while and talk to mummy and daddy about the environment in the story. Is it set in a house like yours in a village or a town? Or is it set somewhere else? What is it like there and how is it different to where you live.

Can you make up a song about your home? It could be a silly song and you could add sounds to it with instruments or objects you can find.

Who lives with you in your home? Can you make a family tree? You could put on the family you live with, or you could ask your parents to help you put on some more of your family to make your tree bigger.

Can you collect different materials in your garden or out on your walk and make a collage of things you find. You could make the natural materials you find into a picture of something else. You will need your imagination!

Class R Home Learning

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