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Welcome to the Summer Term, Class R!

My Home, Your Home

Daily Activities

  • Practice sounds from sound book and digraph sheet
  • Practise Keywords on sight
  • Read Bug Club books online, blending and talking about the story.
  • Write sentences every day, saying slowly one sentence at a time, sounding out words carefully, using capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.
  • Count on and back to 20.
  • Count objects to find how many there are to 20 and beyond.
  • Add and subtract two single digit numbers using objects or counting on or back to find the answer.
  • Sing some songs and rhymes.
  • Listen to a story and talk about what happened.

Hello Class R!

I am missing you all so much and when I see you all on Padlet with your lovely smiley faces and lovely activities you have been doing at home, it makes me smile! Lots of you are doing a brilliant job on lots of wonderful projects, we are so proud of you. Even though we are not back at school yet, it is the start of the last term of your first year, and we have a new topic! Our new topic at school is called:

My Home, Your Home

We are investigating homes of different animals and people! The first part will be looking at animals and I have written some activities for you to do at home to start us off. Our daily activities are really important to do, and practising your phonics, reading, writing and numbers is so important to keep in your super brains! When you’ve done your daily activities, there are some topic activities for you to do below too. I love to see you on Padlet and Tapestry, so please, please show me what you have been doing! Your daily activities, topic activities and all the family activities are so wonderful to see.  I also love seeing you have fun playing and inventing! 

Thank you so much for sharing all your special memories with us, I can’t wait to see what you are all doing over the next few weeks.

Stay safe, be happy and smile lots!

Mrs Heslop.

Activity Grid

Amazing animals and their habitats. Have a look on your computer or in a book for a world map with animals that live in different countries. Talk about it with your grown up. Choose an animal from the map for these activities.

Make a model or a collage of your animal!

Find a story book you have with your animal in it. Ask your grown up to read it to you. Can you draw and write about the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Draw the foot print of your animal (your grown up might help you make it the right size). Can you measure different things around your house and garden and record how many footprints long each thing is.

What environment does your animal live in? Can you find out where it lives and write about what its habitat is like.

Can you draw or paint,  pastel or print (whatever media you have) your animal’s skin or fur.

Can you make a mini habitat for your animal, you could do it in a little box. What can you find around to use to make your habitat?

What is the weather like where your animal lives? Can you make some weather music for us to hear, or make up a song about the animal to sing.

Can you talk about your animal and all of its different features? How big or small is it, what does it look like, what does it eat, what helps it survive, what keeps it warm or cool, how does it eat, what does it have to help it survive? Can you write your description down?

Class R Home Learning

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