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Please remember to use the social distancing blue spots when queuing up at the younger years’ classes, and wait for an adult to collect/hand over your child one-by-one. Thank you.

Extended Bubble Drop off window Collecting times
Reception and Year 6 Between 8.30am-8.45am Between 3pm and 3.15pm
Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5 Between 8.45am and 9am Between 3.15pm and 3.30pm
Year 2 and Year 4 Between 9am and 9.15am Between 3.30pm and 3.45pm

Please try to arrive at school within the window to avoid unnecessary waiting on the playground.

If you have siblings that are in different extended bubble, please aim to arrive in school nearer to the cross over time. For example, if you have a child in Reception and a child in Year 3, aim to arrive at school around 8.40 to take your child to Reception on time whilst avoiding the need to wait in the playground for 8.45am when your Year 3 child can go into school.

We have only a few families who have children in the Reception and Year 6 bubble and the Year 2 and Year 4 bubble who do not have a cross over time. In those circumstances we are happy to take any Year 2 and Year 4 children in the hall (bring to the main entrance) from 8.45am to wait for their bubble to open. We really need to keep this to Year 2 and Year 4 children only to avoid compromising the bubbles.