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School Streets is a pioneering approach to improving the environment outside schools whereby traffic is restricted at the start and the end of the school day.

By encouraging parents and carers to ‘park and stride’ – parking away from the school and then walking or cycling the rest of the way – this helps to reduce congestion, discourage unnecessary car journeys and improve the air quality outside the school gates.

The introduction of School Streets is aimed at encouraging a move towards more sustainable and active modes of travel, making it easier and safer for pupils to walk or cycle to school, and creating a more pleasant environment in those areas.

School Streets could also help parents and pupils to socially distance during the coronavirus pandemic, by creating additional space for them to travel safely to and from school on foot, by scooter or bike.

The council is working in partnership with our school to introduce the pilot from the beginning of November 2020.

Garth Lane (the road outside our school) will be covered by the new motor vehicle restriction, which will only be enforced during drop off and pick up times in the mornings and afternoons.

Residents and any businesses located on the effected street will have the opportunity to apply for an exemption permit which will allow access to the School Streets zone during the restricted times. In addition, there will also be a list of exempted vehicles which may enter the zone during the restriction.

Multiple ‘Park and Stride’ venues have been agreed within Hook to offer parents and carers that need to drive to school a designated and suitable alternative location to park. These sites all fall within the school’s five minute walking bubble.

We delighted to have been considered to pilot this project for the East Riding. The location of our school at the end of a cul-de-sac means that traffic has to turn around outside our school gate making it very difficult for children and their families. We believe School Streets will offer families the confidence to know that their children can choose alternative ways to travel to school knowing that there will be significantly reduced traffic on the road outside.

Full details about permits, road closure zones, park and stride locations and other frequently asked questions can be found by clicking here.

Letters from School Re School Streets